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Development of applications for processes verifications.

We have a highly qualified technical team, trained to provide support services during processes carried out by farms, consolidation centers, shipping companies, airlines, cargo agencies, and retailers.

Cargo quality verification surveys.

We make sure our clients receive their products in accordance with established quality requirements.

Technical consulting in certification processes of good postharvest practices.

We advise our clients about the process of:

  • Grading, packing, shipping.
  • Process design.
  • Packing materials and product presentation.
  • Composition of hydration solutions.
  • Costs analysis.

Technical consulting in dyeing and painting processes of flowers.

We advise and train our clients for the correct development of painting and dyeing all types of cut flowers.

Technical consulting of flowers and greens for shipments by sea.

In this process, we make sure to provide our clients with the desired quality for all products.

Quality inspections in cargo agencies.

We have a highly qualified technical team, trained and ready to provide quality inspection services at consolidation centers, shipments by sea, airlines, and cargo agencies.

Vase Life Testing.

Vase life testing determines the potential flower opening in vase, defining longevity and identifying end-of-life causes such as botrytis, discoloration, dehydration, among others.
This service is used for periodic evaluations of flowers and greens, taken at random from production, to compare the effects of different compositions of hydration solutions, different doses of treatments, different water resources and/or to validate new varieties.
We have our own vase life testing room that complies with international standards.

Process Audits.

Process audits allow us to know the real behavior of each and different process during harvest, post-harvest, bunches, and distributors to identify where the improvement is needed and avoiding the risk of quality inconsistencies.

Quality and shipment assurance on site.

Training programs and postharvest accompaniment allow making the quality assurance of shipments in peaks season.

These innovative programs, supported by vase life testings, humid chambers, bacterial analysis, and management indicators, helps to increase the quality level of the product and positively decreasing claims.

Quality inspections of flowers and greens.

We have a highly qualified technical team, trained and ready to provide quality inspection services in farms, consolidation services, florists, shipping companies, airlines, cargo agencies, and retailers, with online communication when and where the client requires it.